Healthy Ways to Get Kids Ready for School

Going back to school can put a lot of emotional pressure on the parents and most especially on the kids. Daily routines require adjustment; emotional encouragement for the kids and the items that must be bought for this new school year. We won’t let you go through this alone because we have listed a few tips for you to make your life easier and better!

Packing Your Food

When your kids have already level up to a whole day class, then you have a reason to make their school year special. That’s a massive landmark in their growing up stage, and this is the moment where you have to unleash your inner creative master chef! Creativity is important because allows you to have fun while keeping your kids’ food delicious in the simplest way. Aside from creating delicious flavors, nutrition also plays an important role in your kids’ snacks or lunchboxes. You may not be able to watch them every minute of the day, but at least you can have an assurance that they’re eating the right kind of food. Smoothies are also a great way to mix and match flavors with different types of fruits, and even veggies! If you are opting for a more solid snack, go for sandwiches, muffins, wraps, or fruits bite-sized fruits. If you are unsure of your cooking prowess, fret not because there are tons of resources you can look up to such as recipe books, magazines, and online sites or blogs.

School Supplies

Everything doesn’t have to be brand new and expensive. That phrase does not only apply to you, but also to your kids. As early as now, teach them a few ways in being resourceful and the value of things. If you have some extra notebooks that have not been used-up last year, redecorate the front and back covers, you can remove the old ones and replace them with cartons or any hard craft papers you can use. Also, to make them even more robust, stitch the sides of the notebooks as oppose to re-using the old strings. Pens, crayons, and other materials are all reusable. The next time you shop, you don’t have to spend that much because you have already stocked-up (recycled) a few school supplies at home!


This is the most challenging part in taking your kids to school. Feeling homesick is normal and talking about school ahead of time (1 or 2 weeks before) can help them prepare for it. Talk to them with assurance and make sure when the school starts, be there for them in times of happiness and stress. If they feel anxious or afraid, validate their feelings but do not make them feel helpless or fearful. The best way you can help your kids is to help them stand up rather than feeling sorry for them. In doing this process, make sure that you are calm and collective because this is how they will likely to believe you. On their first day of school, give them a jubilant goodbye to add more positivity to their emotions.

These guidelines will help you along the way until your child honestly feels confident and more independent in their journey to a fantastic school year!

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