Skin Protecting Foods For A Healthy Summer

Summer is HERE and it’s time to start having fun not hiding away from the sun. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to be sun savvy. The question is how? Do not expose yourself too much in the sun, take time to let your skin rest under the shade. Next is before even going outside, apply a generous amount of sunscreen for an extra layer of protection. Last but definitely not least, indulge yourself on foods that have natural sun protection. Yes, you heard it right! There are foods that contain nutrients which protects our body from inflammation and sun damage and that is brought to us by the bountiful pride of mother nature!

Here are the foods that are known to immensely boost your resistance against the glaring heat of the sun.


Sweet, juicy, and endearingly opulent. Grapes is one of the most sought-after fruits regardless of the season. It contains proanthocyanidins and other polyphenols which prevent skin cancer. One of the best parts of this fruit is phytonutrients which prevent sun damage, cell death, and skin cancer by slowing down the development of destructive reactive oxygen species (ROS).


Rich in antioxidants, these tangy fruits helps shield your skin against free radicals which is caused by the extreme rays of the sun. Limonene, found in this category of fruit, are known to reduce the risk of skin cancer by 34%. Let us also not forget that these fruits are best well known to be abundant in vitamin c by which when paired with vitamin e, can decrease the latent cause of sunburn.


One of the most loved fruit because it truly is lovable because of its taste and health benefits. It is equipped with the mighty combination of antioxidants and vitamin c which shelter your skin against sun damage. It also contains tannins which are known to lessen the stinging sensation of the sunburn. For a quick and easy sunburn relief, mash a strawberry and apply it on your sunburnt skin then rinse it after a couple of minutes.


Carrots are Known for keeping your eyes healthy. But did you know that carrots are also good for your skin? This veggie is the excellent source of beta-carotene which protects your skin from free radicals. They can also be a good skin shield against sunburn when combined with vitamin e.

Green Tea

By just a sip of this green goodness, your body gets to absorb catechins, a property that protects your skin from UV radiation damage and sunburn inflammation. It also has tannic acid which can calm sunburn sting.

If you are going somewhere where the sun shines, remember to bring these foods as your snacks or you can incorporate them into your meal for a healthier and more beautiful skin!

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