Skin Shield Essentials for A Healthy Summer

Beach, please! Let the summer daze and warmer days surround your upcoming months and the best place that we could ever be right now is the beach with the company of our friends and family. Despite the fun under the sun, remember to keep an eye on your skin since it is one of the most vulnerable organs in your body with regards to sun exposure. It requires safety precautionary measures to ensure that it will remain healthy despite the harmful rays of the sun. Take an action to shield yourself and your loved ones with these skincare essentials.


The most basic, cheap, yet very helpful when it comes to taking care of our system. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and since we are tasking ourselves to the beach, store a plentiful amount of this thing as the massive crash of heat will engulf and dehydrate you in the beach. You can remix the flavor of the water by adding lemon, cucumber, berries, or a combination of those healthy fruits to add more detox and refreshing value!


Being under the heat of the sun can be swiftly drying to your skin and the best remedy for this is to apply moisturizer before sunscreen. This product allows your skin to packed up extra hydration for a healthy and happy skin! Apply it both morning and evening.


After lathering your skin with moisturizer, apply a handful of sunscreen for an extra layer of sun protection. Make sure to choose a sunscreen that has SPF of 30 or higher and remember to apply every 2 hours. As much as this product protects your skin from the sun rays, it also prevents premature aging and further development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lip Balm

Don’t forget your lips as it is vulnerable as much as your skin. Get yourself a lip balm that contains SPF to maintain fresh and kissable lips all day long.

Protective Clothing

One of the best things about this age is the invention of wearable technology. Clothing that is equipped with sun protection are now available and they very useful especially when you are participating in active sports at the beach.

Flappy Hat

Engage your sartorial taste with a glorious hat on top of your head. It is cute, fun, and it protects your scalp from getting damage. A broader rim will provide a wider range of protection for your face, and shoulders too!


Get yourself a sophisticated pair of shades that has UVA/UVB protection especially when you are in direct sunlight to protect your eyes from damage.

Wholesome Snacks

After a day filled with heat and sweats, a nourishing snack is the finest choice to fuel your system. Munch on veggies and fruits especially those that contain a lot of water such as cucumber, watermelon, pineapple, and more!

We encourage you to go out and enjoy your summer but make sure to protect yourself from the sun.

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