Spring back into action— Let’s Get Physical!

Winter may have turned us into a couch potato (or we made that as an excuse to escape exercising) but the dawn of warmer days is now so, get a taste of what this season feels like by taking your body outside and by performing a few physical fitness routines. The secret to this is to have a positive mindset and rather than thinking of it as a necessary chore, turn it into a fun habit and include it in your goals for better health!

When starting out, do not be drastic; take it slow by beginning on the less extreme routines as you have been less active for some time. Also, make sure to ask your doctor about your program especially if you have physical conditions that affect your mobility and cardiovascular health.

Here are some activities that you can enjoy to jumpstart your spring season!


No tricks or exhibitions needed, just work those legs and you are good to go! Jogging helps you build stronger bones as it is a weight-bearing exercise. It also allows you to maintain a healthy weight as you are working your whole body all throughout the exercise. You can do it any time of the day, but make sure to wear a sunscreen.


Do you want an exercising machine but don’t have the luxury to buy one? Well, a bike would be fitting for you. It is a great investment especially if you are opting for a more adventure kind of workout. It is more fun because it allows you to graze around the park and you can cycle together with your friends.


If you want to immerse yourself deep in nature’s hearth, then pack up your backpacks and call out your friends because hiking is for you. The best things that hiking can provide you are core training, balance, power, and endurance. It is also a great resistance training because you’ll get yourself into natural obstacles, vertical hills, and jagged terrain.


It could be done indoor or outdoor, either way, swimming is one of the best training you can do as it boasts intense training on cardiovascular, endurance, and muscle strength.


Great for indoors, yoga increases flexibility, cardio and circulatory health, muscle strength, and balances your metabolism. It also keeps your mental focus sharp and clarifies any traces of uncertainties making you more emotionally stable. To be more at peace while doing this exercise, we urge you to find your ideal tranquility spot which can be in the garden with a couple of trees or beside the seashore with the relaxing waves and breeze.

As sunny as the weather is, we hope that you’ll keep your body in the groove. Do what you think is more fun and have your friend with you for an added source of motivation.

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