Spring Time Exfoliation

The stone-cold days are decreasing and your skin is crying out for some much needed TLC after the harsh winds of winter. As new season blooms, so shall your skin! In order to achieve that, we urge you to check your daily routine and skincare regimen to make sure that they fit with this warmer weather season.

One of the steps to achieve a healthier skin is by exfoliation because it removes all the excess dead skin cells for a more radiant skin and smoother complexion. You can exfoliate by a technique called dry brushing, but the most sought out method is the scrubs as it can be infused with other ingredients especially essential oils.

Do we really have to exfoliate?

When our skin becomes dry due to the unforgiving effects of dry winter weather, the dead skin cells tend to layer on top of each other and this can cause several skin problems such as flakiness, blemish spots, dullness and acne breakouts. Spring is the perfect moment to renew our skin and if you think you can still get away without exfoliating, then let us introduce to you its benefits.

Even Skin Complexion

Dullness and dark spots caused by the building-up of dead skin cells can brighten through exfoliation. Many people have attested to that and the result was, by unanimous decision, an evener skin complexion!

Skin So Smooth

Aside from its brightening effect, it also eliminates the flakiness and dryness of your skin making it smoother and softer.

Lesser Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs can cause the development of painful bumps which can be irritating and when it’s healed, it leaves a dark spot and thickened skin. Exfoliating regularly (at least 2-3 times a week) can minimize the growth of ingrown hairs and it also lessens the appearance of the scarring and thick skin.

Improved Circulation

Use a gentle massaging motion when exfoliating as this can increase your blood and lymph circulation bringing in oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

Exfoliation is a must to achieve a more beautiful and glowing skin. There are different types of scrubs that are already available in the market and they cater according to your skin’s needs. Choose a scrub that does not contain artificial fillers or lubricant to optimize the effect of exfoliation.

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