Allergy Sufferer’s Beauty Tips


Many people see spring season as a time to celebrate the growing sprouts of nature’s greeneries, but for some, it is a dire time because it awakens unwanted allergies leading to relentless sneezing and water-logged eyes. These symptoms can get in the way of your daily activities making it impossible to enjoy your day. Don’t let allergies create a miserable springtime so we are here to share a few tips for you!

Check your cosmetics

When choosing a makeup, make sure that you are aware of the ingredients that it is made of and it fits your skin type. This step is very crucial especially if you have a sensitive skin because no matter how expensive a makeup is and if it causes your skin any damage, then it defeats its purpose in enhancing your beauty. Also, you are free to skin test any makeup and always ask the consultants if you need help. For your brushes, ensure their sanitation by cleaning them regularly. Keep in mind that this applies all throughout the year not just for this season because using a clean product is a must to prevent skin breakouts.

Minimize the red nose effect

Constantly blowing your nose and rubbing it can make it red, dry, and cracked. There’s a trick to conceal the redness but before you apply a thick amount of concealer, make sure to smear a good amount of moisturizer to smoothen and relieve the dryness. Then, use a green primer before you apply the foundation and concealer to minimize the redness.

Puffiness no more

One of the worse things about allergy is swollen eyes and a puffy face and to counter these symptoms, apply a cold compress, natural aloe vera, or a cooling facial mask to the affected area. When you use a face mask, do a skin patch test beforehand to ensure that it’s not going to aggravate your allergy further.

Indulge in water

Chapped lips are a common symptom when it comes to allergy, but it can also be a sign of dehydration. Upgrade your water intake if you think you haven’t been drinking enough water lately and this will not only hydrate your lips but also your skin making it supple and healthy looking!

With these tips, you can now surmount this season looking marvelous and fresh!

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