3 Essential Skin Care Tips for Fall


It’s time to pack away the summer getaway vibes and turn a new leaf in the spirit of fall. As the temperature drops, you may want to rethink your wardrobe choices. But have you thought about your skincare regimen? Do not fret because we have created the ideal regimen to keep your skin healthy and vibrant this season!

Locked in moisture

It always feels magnificent to have a cool and dry season after the sticky and wet days of summer. But the cold and dryness of the air will also strip the moisture in your skin causing irritation and itchiness. To counter these side effects, apply moisturizer to your skin thoroughly in the morning and evening to ensure that your skin is receiving enough moisture.  Choose the moisturizer that works best for your skin, even people with oily skin needs one.

Keep the SPF

The sky might appear clear and blue but you might want to protect your skin from the UV rays which cause aging and skin cancer. Smear a sufficient amount of SPF lotion that is ideal for your face and body and let it sit in for at least 30 minutes before you go outside.  For your lips, use a lip balm that contains sun protection to avoid chapped and cracked lips.

Exfoliate for a glowing skin

Despite your skin feeling dehydrated, the best way to make it look vibrant and fresh is by gentle exfoliation. The technique here is to use a scrub that is oil based and contains lots of healthy ingredients like the Lavender Sugar Scrub from Lime and Lotus Organics. Aside from its exfoliation effects, it will lock in moisture and provide nutrients that will make your skin younger looking and healthy!

Fall is just another part of mother nature’s emotional cycle. Savor the season and find ways to make it more enjoyable!

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