Diet Tips For Rosacea

Millions of Americans are afflicted with a skin condition called rosacea! Rosacea is a skin disease with no recognized cause and its symptoms are described by facial redness, papules or pustules that look like acne, and flushing. People who are suffering from this disease have a sensitivity to foods that are high in histamines such as nuts and citrus fruits, and foods that emit histamines such as shellfish and tomatoes.

Here is a list of foods that you should avoid in order to keep the symptoms of rosacea from occurring.

Spicy foods

Chili, salsa, hot peppers and other foods that are spicy can incite a rosacea flare-up. Cumin and oregano is a great substitute for chili or hot peppers. There are also recipes that you can find online which you can use to add sizzle to your dishes without provoking the symptoms of rosacea.


The one food consumed that produces the most reaction to rosacea is none other than alcohol and according to National Rosacea Society, red wine seems to produce the greatest reactions. Alcohol can cause an increase in blood flow through the skin, also known as vasodilation, and thus be making the skin appear to be redder.


The root cause as to why this food can trigger rosacea is due to the main alkaloid found in cocoa called theobromine. This alkaloid increases blood circulation and dilates blood vessels which cause skin flushing.

Hot Drinks

Anything that causes the blood vessels to inflate can cause redness and flushing and hot drinks are on that list!

There are still a lot of foods that can activate the symptoms of rosacea but the ones mentioned above are surely the top on the list! If you are suffering from this disease, make sure to have a regular check-up with your doctor to ensure proper care and suitable products are prescribed to you.

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