The Weekend Warrior’s Guide To Being Active

The weekend warrior is defined as a person who takes part in a vigorous activity during weekends. Rather than partying and staying out late on weekends, they take those days to initiate their civil interest in sports or working out. Professor Mark Hammer’s study also stated that ‘weekend warriors’ are people who accomplished at least 150 minutes of average activity or 75 minutes of dynamic activity.

Whether you are already a full-fledged member of this group or not, we have listed several guidelines to keep yourself in good condition at any age.

Be Mindful of your food and drink

Be sure to keep your BMI within normal ranges by eating a balanced diet jam-packed with fruits and vegetables. Your weight plays a significant role in your body when you do strenuous activities. The less baggage your body carries, the lighter weight your knees and joints will carry.

Keep Moving

The key to preparing yourself for any type of sport or workout is to condition, stretch, and strengthen. These things are not as complicated as you may think and in fact, you can even do it when you are at the office or on your way home.

Start by getting 10,000 steps to burn calories and keep your heart fit. Take a couple of breaks on your work to stand up and walk around. Look for ways to involve your core muscles and improve body posture.

Warming up and cooling down

Warm up exercises protect your muscles and tendons from being strained or worse, snapped! Do a 10-minute static exercise and hold each pose for 30 minutes for optimal stretch. After your work out, do some cool down exercises to relax your muscles and to provide time for your heart rate to recover.

A good set of muscle gel that works best on strains and injuries will also help your muscles and joints to relax. We recommend the Lime and Lotus Organics Relief Herbal Muscle Gel, it is vegan and contains a unique blend of 20 essentials which helps improve range of motion and flexibility.

Listen to your body

It is very important to attend to your body’s needs especially when it comes to injuries and minor pains to prevent possible serious problems from occurring.

After your work out, make sure to rest your body and apply cold compression to the part that is hurting. Take it easy and do not force yourself to work out the next day. Apply a muscle gel on the affected area to ease the pain and help your muscles to relax.

For severe pain, bruising, and swelling better see a doctor to ensure that proper care and medicine are given to you.

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