Benefits of Activated Charcoal in Your Skin Care Regimen

We LOVE Activated Charcoal in our beauty regimens here at Lime and Lotus Organics! Activated Charcoal is best when applied to skin because of its detoxifying and cleansing abilities. Mind you, regular charcoal, which we used for cooking, is not the same as activated charcoal because the latter.

Many beauty companies have started incorporating this ingredient because of its miraculous and fabulous effects on the skin and Lime and Lotus Organics has just launched their new product— the Purify Activated Charcoal Facial Masque. Activated Charcoal is is 100% all natural which makes it ideal for people with mild and sensitive skin.

Prevent Acne and Scars

Acne is formed when the pores become clogged with dead skin cells and oil. Activated Charcoal can absorb impurities and oil in your skin which will help unclog your pores and leave them clean and pure. This helps get rid of acne in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, and can help prevent you from getting acne scars.

Activated Charcoal is also great for exfoliation because of its gritty texture without being harsh to the skin. This can help ease blemishes making your skin brighter and healthy looking.

A Sucker for Excess Oil

The carbon in the Activated Charcoal is responsible for balancing skin pH as well as decreasing the impurities and excess oil. Therefore, Activated Charcoal is the perfect ingredient for a face mask because of its ability to draw out toxins.

Mollifies Irritations and Skin Bites

It relieves the symptoms of irritations and minor skin cuts and It also hastens the healing process when applied to the face.


Aging is inevitable, but it can be sped up when we don’t take care of our health and our skin and it will literally show on the outside! The toxins caused by a polluted environment can cause skin damage and with Activated Charcoal’s absorbing abilities, it will prevent you from getting premature aging.

No matter what kind of Activated Charcoal product you use, we urge you to choose only the one that is authentic and all natural and if you are still searching for the product, visit us online at Lime and Lotus Organics.



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