Why you should be using a Toner after you Cleanse your Face


More often than not, toner is seen as an unnecessary part of a beauty regimen. It’s often skipped because the benefits utilizing a toner are mostly unknown. But according to skin experts, toners should be an essential part of your skincare regimen. Here are 5 great reasons why YOU need to use a toner after cleansing your face.


When using toner prior to applying a moisturizer, it prepares your face thoroughly. It gives your face an immediate hydration boost. Toner can provide your skin the moisture it needs most especially if it’s applied before the moisturizer.

PH Balance

Soaps and foaming facial wash usually dries the skin due to its low pH Balance. Using a toner after washing your face, can prevent it from drying up. Toner can counteract the dryness these facial wash and soaps do to your face. Also, for dryness to be prevented, it’s good to choose soaps and facial wash that have good ingredients and that promote skin moisture, like essential oils.

Enhance Results

Toner can intensify the result of your skincare regimen. Most toners can help control oil, promote good circulation, remove acne-causing bacteria, and provide antioxidant benefits to your skin. In addition, recent studies have shown that moist skin is more absorbent compared to dry skin. This means that if a toner is used, it can make your skin more moisturized thus allowing the active ingredients of your skincare products to penetrate deeper within the skin. Moreover, good results can be seen because the skincare products used are more effective.

Remove Drying Components

Toner promotes removal of drying chlorines and minerals that are usually seen in tap water. These components are usually included in tap water to make the water safe for bathing and drinking. Chlorine and other minerals can be drying to the skin. Toner counteracts skin dehydration. Toner rinses these chemicals making sure that your skin is moisturized.

Support Skin’s Barrier

Toner supplies the skin with important nutrients and hydration. As a result, the skin’s protective barrier is repaired making it less resistant to environmental change. Toner also makes the skin less sensitive to environmental conditions.
Toner should never be taken for granted since it gives your skin amazing benefits. Also, it’s important to take note that it’s best to choose toners and skincare products that are all natural and organic to see best results! If you want to try an organic all natural toner check out our Refresh – Organic Peppermint Facial Toner.


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