Important Health Benefits of Black Pepper


Black Pepper comes from the pepper plant that can grow to about 30ft in tropical climates. They grow into peppercorns in about 3-4 years from the time it is planted. These peppercorns are then ground to produce the spice that we all know as pepper.

In the early years, black pepper was presented to the gods as a sacred offering and was even used as a currency during those times. Fortunately, at present, it’s available all year round and is added to almost every recipe under the sun. Even if you’re not a chef, you have probably used this more often than any other spices available. Black pepper adds that kick and spice in our meal. However, pepper does not only satisfy us in the kitchen. It turns out, pepper has a wide range of health benefits that anyone can enjoy. Here are some of the wonderful health benefits of black pepper.

Face Scrub

Black pepper’s sandy texture and nutritional characteristics makes it an amazing exfoliator. You can use simple ingredients that can be found in the kitchen. Make a homemade scrub by mixing a cup of sugar, half a cup of coconut oil, a few drops of orange essential oil, and a half a teaspoon of ground pepper. You can massage this mixture into your face followed by a cool water rinse. You’ll definitely feel your face smoother and cleaner. Also, you’ll likely to have pimples. Pepper removes dead skin cells which can add more oxygen to the skin, thus, stimulating circulation to the skin cells.

Promote Weight Loss

The outer layer of the black peppercorn can stimulate the breakdown of fat. As a result, your weight can be managed with the aid of black pepper. According to various studies, black pepper’s active ingredient piperine has the capacity to hinder fat from forming and stimulate the breakdown of existing fat. In conclusion, peppery foods are one of the good ways to assist you in shedding weight naturally.

Improve Gut Health

Black pepper can improve your digestion. Food with a generous amount of black pepper can stimulate your taste buds thus sending signals to your stomach to produce hydrochloric acid. As a result, you will have a more productive digestion. Hydrochloric acid is necessary for the breakdown of proteins and other components in the stomach. Pepper also helps prevent the formation of intestinal gas. It can stimulate sweating and urination too which stimulates release toxins from the body.

Pest Control

There are a lot of expensive pest control methods nowadays that mostly contain dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to our health. Good news! Pepper can solve your pest problems. Pepper is a great pest repellant. You can sprinkle some pepper in the soil around your plants that are inside the house. This way, pests are deterred from staying at your plant. Also, a mixture of pepper and water can shoo away pests that can damage your plants or vegetables that you’ve planted outside.

Great Nutrition

Black pepper contains vitamins and minerals. It’s loaded with vitamin K, copper, iron, and manganese. In addition, black pepper contains fiber which can promote better metabolism. Pepper has the same effects that curcumin has as well and it has cancer-preventing qualities too.

Black pepper can be bought as whole, crushed, or ground. Buying the whole peppercorns and grinding them yourself can ensure the best flavor. When selecting, make sure whole peppercorns are heavy, compact, and free of any dirt. Local spice stores in your area can be the best destination where you can purchase black pepper. All in all, pepper has definitely come a long way.

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